by Jules Alexandre Grun
Red Rooster Cocorico Opera
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Red Rooster Cocorico Opera

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Artist: Jules Alexandre Grun

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1913 Romantic Opera When the Cock CrowsAn enchanting design for this operetta of romance and misunderstanding whose loosely translated title means when the cock crows. A scarlet cock heralding the suns arrival in the navy night sky represents the action; a pink-ribboned fan, sword, and cockaded military hat are included to represent the lovers. As with most opera and operetta posters of this period, it was produced by the publisher to advertise the libretto rather than any actual performance. Louis Ganne (1862-1923) was a pupil of Ceasar Franck who went on to specialize in operettas. He is possibly best known in France as the composer of the patriotic song Marche Lorraine. Rare.

SKU: (0000-0329)

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