by Anton Lavinsky
Battleship Potemkin 1905
Enlarge Battleship Potemkin 1905by Anton Lavinsky SKU: (0000-0328)

Battleship Potemkin 1905

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Artist: Anton Lavinsky

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Russian sailor on deck of giant battleship.This landmark film by Sergei Eisenstein represented the anguish of the entire Russian Revolution through the 1905 uprising by Russian sailors aboard the Potemkin in Odessa harbor. Although many posters were designed and issued for the film, this one uses an actual shot from the film: the head of a sailor, with the muzzles of the ships guns aimed right at the viewer. The energy of the sailors shout of Man overboard! is reinforced by the pattern of wires and ropes in the background, making this one of the most successful posters of the period (Avante Garde, p, 85). Lavinsky was head of the sculpture department at Vkhutemas (the Higher Art Studios in Moscow). He went on to create the political ROSTA posters (Satire Window of the Russian Telegraph Agency), working closely with Mayakowvsky. In 1928, Lavinsky collaborated with El Lissitzky in designing exhibition interiors of the Soviet pavilion at the Cologne International Press Exhibition. Of several posters he designed, this is the most powerful image. Rare.

SKU: (0000-0328)

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