by Paul Colin
Leroy Opticien. 1938.
Leroy Opticien. 1938.by Paul Colin SKU: (0000-0313)

Leroy Opticien. 1938.

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Artist: Paul Colin

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Faceless man trys on a pair of glasses.As Colin devoted himself mostly to show business, his commercial designs are rare. Among these, l opticien Leroy done for one of his friends, is one of the best. Featureless but for the eyes, a man's face stands out on a dark background. Is he at the theater, as his dress suggests? With his gloved hands he puts on his glasses. A halo around the eyes, done with airbrush, helps further to draw our eyes magically to his. At the bottom, in big red Art Deco letters in relief, the opticians name--and that's all. In its succinctness, a perfect illustration of Colins theory that a poster must be a telegram addressed to the awareness (Deco Affiches, p. 113) Leroy remains the premier optician in Paris to this day; Colin likely deserves some of the credit. This is the four-sheer, large format of this image. Rare.

SKU: (0000-0313)

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