by Jules Cheret
Cheret Vin Mariani Tonic
Cheret Vin Mariani Tonicby Jules Cheret SKU: (0000-0303)

Cheret Vin Mariani Tonic

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Artist: Jules Cheret

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Dancing woman pours herself a glass of french tonic wine.A Cheret classic, glowing with irrepressible zest, is the perfect image for a product which earned much of its renown by clever promotion.The founder of the enterprise was Angelo Mariani (who) came up with the idea of combining the medicinal properties of coca leaves with his favorite Bordeaux, thus coming up with a medicine that didn't taste like one.In time (it) gained an edge on (competitors) partly because of the intoxicating dash of cocaine in it, but mostly because of Marianis unexpected talent as a publicist. Long before it became a general practice, he shrewdly recognized the value of celebrity endorsements, and had doctors, musicians, comedians, respected public figures and even some minor royalty praising his tonic in ads and posters (Wine Spectator). Cheret, besides designing this lively image, also provided one of the testimonials.

SKU: (0000-0303)

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