by Metlicovitz
Alla Spezia
Alla Speziaby Metlicovitz SKU: (0000-0290)

Alla Spezia

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Artist: Metlicovitz

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Nude woman rising out of sea with Italian flags and ship.A red-haired water nymph rises from the seafoam holding a reath with letters that signify the ancient republic of Rome as the ship Roma comes out of the mist. La Spezia is located at the apex of a natural gulf on the Italian Riviera coast, and it is known for many tourist attractions as well as its scenic environment. The naval vessel pictured in the poster is a reference to the fact that Spezia was at one time a center of Italian shipbuilding and a great maritime trading port, boasting Italys best fortified harbor. The bottom text panel, missing here, makes clear that a great celebration, including fireworks, awaits everyone who comes to see the royal ship at this one-day event.

SKU: (0000-0290)

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