by Jean A. Mercier
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Artist: Jean A. Mercier

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This bold ad displays the effectiveness of Effecto auto enamel.This design displays an abundance of the characteristics that made Mercier, now 96 and still at work, the master of French movie poster art: distinct separation of image and text, preference for stylization over naturalism and emphasis on the human figure drawn with few details and stopped in med-gesture. The smiling mechanic refinishes a touring car, wielding a giant paintbrush loaded with yellow Effecto auto enamel. It covers beautifully and dries in only four hours-so quickly that the worker never gets a smudge on his crisp blue uniform. Given the outsize scale of things, the image of the paint can , though exquisitely rendered, is the smallest element in the whole design, the product name and benefits take stage center.

SKU: (0000-0272)

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