by A. Roquin
Air Afrique Airlines
Air Afrique Airlinesby A. Roquin SKU: (0000-0253)

Air Afrique Airlines

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Artist: A. Roquin

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Adventure and colonial planning to be found on Air Afrique!The airplane was not just the ideal means of transport for the intrepid seekers of adventure; it was also the indespensible tool for those who were after nothing less than the re-shaping of our world. Roquin's poster for the Regie Air Afrique in 1935 already tips us off to what was in the air. For this elegant young man in a colonial hat, half-soldier and half-technocrat, snugly ensconced in a window seat, and comparing the ground below with the map of Africa in his left hand, the trip did not have the same signiicance. This manager fellow is no doubt looking for the best site to build a bridge, a road, or a factory. `I think therfore i am,' someone once said; but our passenger says, ` I think as high as I can go.' And the airline suggests very clearly how advantageous it is to combine the Cartesian point of view with an elevated viewpoint.

SKU: (0000-0253)

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