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by Giovanni Mataloni
Natale di Roma
Natale di Romaby Giovanni Mataloni SKU: (0000-0250)

Natale di Roma

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Artist: Giovanni Mataloni

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Celebration of Rome's founding day, in which the populace engaged in fun, games, music and ritual.To celebrate the day on which Rome was legendarily founded, the local International Artists Association is sponsoring a grand parade on the Palatine-one of the original seven ancient hills of the city. A naked Pan uses a set of odd-looking pipes to summon the populace to this celebration in high old style. Plans call for sacrifices to the rustic goddess Pale (one can only wonder what sacrifices might be-in Roman times, flocks were driven through blazing straw in a ritual invocation to purity and prosperity), the songs followed by gymnastic games in the Coliseum at the foot of the hill. Under the golden-bronze figure in its curlicued circle of black and gold, the type--in two shades of orange on a brick-red ground-takes up about half of this four-sheet poster. An utterly spectacular design from the artist who introduced Art Nouveau to Italy and who has been termed the first authentic Italian posterist (Menegazzi-I, p. 222).

SKU: (0000-0250)

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