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by Marcel Bloch
Buick Roadster Automobile
Buick Roadster Automobileby Marcel Bloch SKU: (0000-0188)

Buick Roadster Automobile

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Artist: Marcel Bloch

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French poster of a Buick roadster.Buick, the car that sprung from the mechanical imagination of independent shop owner Davis D. Buick and made an automotive force to be reckoned with by business tycoon William Durant, is a line more associated with reliability and family transport than with speed demon appeal. But the company wants the public to know that they're more than just a quality touring machine, they're a brand that can kick some serious butt in the speed department as well, able to go fast anywhere on any terrain. And judging from the Bloch image here, which truthfully looks more like a racing promotion than publicity for a roadster, were guessing that more than a few hot rodding skeptics may have given Buick a shot. It wasn't often that portrait painter and illustrator Bloch made forays into poster art, but when he did, he definitely proved his mettle in the medium.

SKU: (0000-0188)

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