by Tito Livio De Madrazo
Pepito Vasq
Pepito Vasqby Tito Livio De Madrazo SKU: (0000-0184)

Pepito Vasq

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Artist: Tito Livio De Madrazo

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Abstract man in red is bent over.Some of the most beautiful theatrical and dance posters of the 1930s were executed by the Spanish painter Madrazo, who arrived in Paris in 1923. He takes all the graphic liberties necessary to achieve motion with a singular clarity. There are about a dozen posters for various performers which Madrazo created, each sharing the same flair-terse, eloquent caricatures that capture the essence of the personality in sparse, fluid lines and shapes, Now very sought and very rare, these works mark a glorious end to the Art Deco style. Here, with arms held just so and an erect torso that supports the fluidity of the rest of the body, the fiery Vwquez commands every ounce of audience attention.

SKU: (0000-0184)

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