Amazing Women

by Louis Anquetin
Marguerite Dufay Trombone
Enlarge Marguerite Dufay Tromboneby Louis Anquetin SKU: (0000-0175)

Marguerite Dufay Trombone

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Artist: Louis Anquetin

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Paris music hall entertainment poster.Among the highly specialized terms used to distinguish Paris music hall entertainers, Dufay fell into the category of comique excentrique. To Hiatt, she was merely a woman of impossible fatness who performs at various Paris music halls on the trombone. The poster itself however, drew wide contemporary praise. In Maindrons words, this composition, so simple and barely colored, is a remarkable study and has an extraordinary effect. And Hiatt cannot gush enough: It is safe to say that, once seen, it will never be forgotten. The mirth of the thing is victorious and infectious, one seems almost to hear the coarse laugh, the ample body in the green dress seems to move as one stares at it. In line, in movement, this poster is a veritable masterpiece. Anquetin was a painter, first a follower and then a rejecter of Impressionism. In 1887 he, Emile Bernard, van Gogh and Toulouse-Lautrec exhibited together and formed the Ecole du Petit Boulevard, opposed to Impressionism and academicism alike. While painting Paris street scenes and the bohemian milieu, he also illustrated for newspapers and in later years turned to theater design and decorative arts, including tapestry design for the great weaving houses of Gobelins and Beauvais. As he was to do the following year with Toulouse-Lautrecs Revue Blanche, Ancourt accommodated a poster image larger than his press by folding the sheet in half and printing once on each side. This left a pinched fold with varying color which makes it seem to be a 2 sheet poster.

SKU: (0000-0175)

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