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Udstillingafransk Kunstindustri
Udstillingafransk KunstindustriUnknown ArtistSKU: (0000-0163)

Udstillingafransk Kunstindustri

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Danish Art Nouveau Neoclassic Art and Industry Exhibition in Copenhagen.A three-and-half month exhibition of French Art and Industry being held in Copenhagens Charlottensborg district yields one of the finest expressions of the neoclassicism of Danish Art Nouveau to come our way in some time. Why this maquette was never produced seems like a ridiculous oversight, but none of our research could yield a single reference to either a lithographic version of the art nor the name of the designer who created this masterpiece. Every complimentary element works to perfection, most especially in the Grecian muses that greet the viewer with beguiling candor. The exhibition itself centered around the Academy Of fine Arts, a Dutch Baroque mansion that since 1734 has housed the institution.

SKU: (0000-0163)

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