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Lady standing with sword and a shield that reads ""Liberty"".Louis Kurz was a leading figure in Chicagos rise to prominence as a lithographic center around the time of the Civil War. An Austrian who emigrated to the United States in 1848, he fought in the Union army and became a personal friend of Abraham Lincoln. He was a mural painter and on, of the founder, of the Art Institute of Chicago. He became partners with Alexander Allison in 1879, and by 1889 the Kurz & Allison catalogue boasted over 2 million pictures in stock. They called themselves Art Publishers; a con-temporary wrote, Their business consists in designing for large establishments of all kinds, and originating and placing on the market artistic and fancy prints of the most elaborate workmanship. Apparently often drawn by Kurz himself, they ranged from Civil War bat-tle scenes, portraits of Lincoln and railway advertise-ments to a series ingeniously titled Female Bathers, featuring bevies of nude forest nymphs. The impres-sive figure shown here symbolized Liberty and cer-tainly stirs patriotic feelings in the hearts of men. Most probably, this was in conjunction with the 1893 Colombian world exposition and Kurz himself may very well have been the artist. Rare!

SKU: (0000-0161)

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