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Al Field Minstrels
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Al Field Minstrels

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A boy in green clothing is surrounded by dancers.In the United States, the variety show first manifested itself in the form of the minstrel show, a blend of pop-ular music, dance and comedy performed by Caucasian men wearing burnt cork facial makeup while speaking and singing in ""Black"" dialects. Originating in the 1820s, the blackface acts quickly spread throughout America and England, becoming a staple of the music hall scene. Al.G. Field made his first appearance in 1871 as a member of a minstrel troupe. Two years after he began operations of his own circus in Columbus, Ohio, Field founded the Al.G. Minstrels, also based out of Columbus and generally playing throughout the Mid-west. This is a superb example of the best of Courier lithography and design in a poster featuring one of the ""Brilliant Series of Race Track Scenes Founded on Helen Moras Famous Song The Little Boy in Green"" around which the show was conceived.

SKU: (0000-0146)

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