by Louis Oppenheim
Berliner Eispalast
Enlarge Berliner Eispalastby Louis Oppenheim SKU: (0000-0137)

Berliner Eispalast

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Artist: Louis Oppenheim

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Man standing between two Mardi Gras looking women.Theres a pinch of Mardi Gras in this poster for entertainer Alaafs appearance in Carnival In the Congo part of the German pre-Lenten festivities known as Fasching,- taking place at the Berlin Ice, Palace one-night only engagement. Precisely what his credentials are have long since blown away with the sands of time, but here hes happy as a clam being flanked by a Teutonic cupcake and her ebon counterpart. A native of Coburg, Oppenheim studied in London, where he worked as a caricaturist and advertising artist until he returned to Germany in 1906. The strong Beggarstaff qualities of his designs quickly earned him success as a graphic artist in Berlin.

SKU: (0000-0137)

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