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Flieger zur See
Flieger zur SeeUnknown ArtistSKU: (0000-0122)

Flieger zur See

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Artist: Unknown

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A man is looking at plane and a ship.For what would appear to be a wartime film in praise of military might, Erdt gives us this sweeping 2-sheet design focusing on the swashbuckling nature rather than the destructive aspects of the life of a Sea Flyer. At the time, naval biplanes were catapulted from the ships deck in order to scout the skies surrounding the fleet. As no landing gear was available to the planes, they would set down in the water to be recovered by specially built cranes. No record of the film exists however in German film chronicles which leads us to believe that is must have been an import whose name altered to suit Germanic consumers. Although he only lived to age 35. Erdt amassed an impressive record as a graphic artist and lithographer in the single decade from 1908 to1918, he depicted upper-class people in their sports and luxuries, and had a keen eye for reducing a scene to a few essential forms and flat colors. This unsigned work is generally attributed to Erdt.

SKU: (0000-0122)

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