by Theophile-Alexandre Steinlen
Lait Pur Sterilise Cats
Lait Pur Sterilise Catsby Theophile-Alexandre Steinlen SKU: (0000-0109)

Lait Pur Sterilise Cats

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Artist: Theophile-Alexandre Steinlen

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The Posters of the Belle Epoque by Jack Rennert describes this poster thusly: ""Nowhere does Steinlen's humanity shine with a greater glow than in `Lait pur Sterilise,' a poster for a milk distributor. His daughter Colette is . . . the subject . . . she carefully tastes the milk she's giving the family cats to make sure it isn't too hot for them."" (p. 112). The humble dairy of Quillot Brothers in the village of Montigny sur Vingeanne could not have had the slightest notion that, to advertise their sterilized milk, they caused Steinlen to produce one of the all-time most endearing poster images ever created.

SKU: (0000-0109)

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