by Ludwig Hohlwein
Bach Dachshund Train Travel
Bach Dachshund Train Travelby Ludwig Hohlwein SKU: (0000-0108)

Bach Dachshund Train Travel

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Artist: Ludwig Hohlwein

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People standing next to a train. A dachshund is looking at the viewer.Hohlwein's more than one thousand posters made German Gebrauchsgraphik (commercial art) a leading force of poster design in the 1920s and 1930s. His special way of applying colors, letting them dry at different times, and printing one on top of the other, producing modulations of shading, had often been copied, but never equaled. He belonged to no school or group, his art and personality are an unprecedented phenomenon in the history of German poster art. His full command is evidenced for the Munich clothiers Isidor Bach, the same firm which gave Hohlwein his first widespread exposure some years earlier. The design is a bit more compositionally loaded than what we normally expect from the artist, but the dachshund at right adds just the right touch of humor and balance. Weill comments that Beginning with his first efforts, Hohlwein found his style with disconcerting facility; it would vary little for the next forty years. The drawing was perfect form the start:. nothing seemed too alien to him and in any case, nothing posed a problem for him.His figures are full of touches of color and a play of light and shade that brings them out of their background and gives them substance.

SKU: (0000-0108)

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