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Rayon d' Or Lightbulbs
Rayon d' Or LightbulbsUnknown ArtistSKU: (0000-0106)

Rayon d' Or Lightbulbs

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Artist: Unknown

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Winged nymph embraces a star and gazes at a kerosene lantern.Rarely has a product so humdrum as a kerosene lamp been promoted with such uninhibited zest--but the Pal, given free rein to his imagination, could be relied to come up with something featuring one of his incomparably alluring nymphs every time. the secret of his success is the fact that even though he makes it clear in some way--such as the gossamer wings here--that these are purely imaginary spirits, the loving care with which he draws every curve and flesh tone gives them a sensuality much too solid for make believe. Though the magnificent allure of this sensual design is plainly obvious to contemporary eyes, ""The Poster"" of December, 1899, mused that ""It may be argued that Pal's designs would not be acceptable to the British public,"" going so far as to state that even though they ""may not be in any way immoral or indecent, but to say the least, (they are) in fearfully bad taste and tending to throw discredit upon their trade"" (p. 143). Leave it to the Victorians.

SKU: (0000-0106)

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