Buffalo Bill

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Buffalo Bill Perils of the Cowboy
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Buffalo Bill Perils of the Cowboy

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Artist: Unknown

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Buffalo Bill's Wild West and Congress of Rough Riders of the World showing the perils of a long-horn cattle drive.Fire was a real threat to the cowboy; it required him to keep constant watch, especially in the summer months when the treeless rangeland could turn into a blazing inferno that would spread over hundreds of acres, destroying cattle and all the grass as well. When a fire broke out, the herd had to be quickly moved to a new range and new grasslands. And it is a drive of longhorns to safer ground during one such blaze which is pictured in this poster, ""Perils of the Cowboy"" . . . (Buffalo Bill's) depiction of the cowboy exploited a pageant of a passing era - revived and made real . . . In the pursuit of that business he is called upon to undergo the most severe hardships which can fall to the lot of any man. . . Rising at three o'clock in the morning, riding all day at top speed and taking all sorts of chances, without regard to life or limb, he has little time for tomfoolery or lawless carousing. Bad food, little sleep, constant anxiety and exhausting work soon undermine the strongest constitution, and at forty years of age, and often much sooner, rough, hard lines in his face tell the story with a plainness not to be mistaken.

SKU: (0000-0089)

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