by Jules Cheret
Halle aux Chapeaux/Depuis 3F60
Halle aux Chapeaux/Depuis 3F60by Jules Cheret SKU: (0000-0083)

Halle aux Chapeaux/Depuis 3F60

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Artist: Jules Cheret

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Mother with children in famous 1892 Paris hat shop.One of the most appealing of several posters Cheret designed for this fashionable Paris hat shop. The golden-haired child trying on her bonnet is the star, although her mother, in a fashionable red dress, gets only slightly lesser billing. Until the bicycle came along, shopping was one of the few activities allowed an unaccompanied woman outside the home. On a slightly less feminist note, it is interesting to note that at the time when you could buy a hat for 3.6 francs, this poster advertising it could be had for slightly less than 3 francs at Sagot's and Arnould's print shops.

SKU: (0000-0083)

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