Amazing Women

by Jules Cheret
L'Eau des Sirenes
L'Eau des Sirenesby Jules Cheret SKU: (0000-0082)

L'Eau des Sirenes

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Artist: Jules Cheret

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Rare, uncensored poster of Ch,ret's quartet of mermaids of 1888.In the 1880s, poster art was just emerging from the drabness of letterpress announcements showing little but black type. Ch,ret's airy images were so startlingly bright and fresh on the walls of Paris that they attracted many admirers and earned his sprightly women the appellation of Chrettes. Note that this is the rare, unaltered version of the design that was rejected by the censors. Apparently this quartet of mermaids was too alluring for these puritanical restrictionists who were just beginning to flex their puritanical muscle at this time. They didn't accept the poster until Ch,ret lengthened their hair until it partly veiled their breasts. All known copies of this poster are unsigned.

SKU: (0000-0082)

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