by Gaston Noury
Le Corsets Le Furet
Le Corsets Le Furetby Gaston Noury SKU: (0000-0068)

Le Corsets Le Furet

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Artist: Gaston Noury

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A pretty model in a classic pose advertises a turn-of-the-century corset.As integral to a Belle Epoque woman's toilette as her brush and comb was the corset that cinched her waist, smoothed her hips, and, depending on its cut, confined or enhanced her bosom. This brand, worn by a model in a classic cheescake pose, boasts of being elegant, soft and sanitary. Noury was born and grew up in Elbeuf where his grandfather was founder and director of the local museum. Although his primary interests were painting and drawing nature subjects, he created several evocative posters of the era. Maindron indicates that the ""young Noury"" is one of the best illustrators of the period.

SKU: (0000-0068)

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