Auto Racing

by J. Muntanya
Auto Racing Copa Catalunya
Auto Racing Copa Catalunyaby J. Muntanya SKU: (0000-0057)

Auto Racing Copa Catalunya

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Artist: J. Muntanya

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A stunning spectator at the Cataluna cup automobile races scorns one of the drivers.There is a certain sensuality that pervades the poster designs of the Catalonian artists, a near disregard for the specifics of the product or event being promoted in favor of imbuing the image with atmosphere. Whereas most racing images from other global presences during this period would have focused on the mechanical marvel and outrageous speed of the participating vehicles, the Cataluna Cup, with a marvelous Art Nouveau assist from Muntanya, does away with cars altogether, instead choosing to share with us the intrigue of a stunning spectator scorning one of the drivers just moments before the race, remaining aloof, one can only imagine, to stoke the fires of jealousy in order to spur him on to victory. A spectacular design by any standard.

SKU: (0000-0057)

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