by Marcello Dudovich
Hold Your Man - Gable/Harlow
Hold Your Man - Gable/Harlowby Marcello Dudovich SKU: (0000-0027)

Hold Your Man - Gable/Harlow

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Artist: Marcello Dudovich

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Fantastic Italian Gable Harlow MovieEddie Nugent (Clark Gable), a slick young confidence man, is chased by the police and dashes into a cheap apartment house, where he takes refuge in one of the apartments. Explaining his predicament to the occupant, a tough girl named Ruby Adams (Jean Harlow), he induces her to hide him. Eddie accidentally killed Mitchell, an admirer of Ruby. He runs away and leaves Ruby to take the rap. She is sent to reform school where she discovers that she is going to have a child. After knowning Rudy was pregnant, Eddie returned to marry her and he is arrested at the close of a hasty marriage ceremony. This poster for the Italian release of the film is truly wonderful! And something of a restrained departure for Dudovich, an artist best known for his far-flung allegorical romanticism. At the age of 19, Dudovich arrived in Italy from his native Trieste. After an initial stint at Ricordi, he was hired at Chappuis in Bologna. He was there form 1899 to 1905 before rejoining Ricordi, where he established himself as Italy's premier posterist, largely as a result of his refined yet lively posters for Mele, the Naples department store.

SKU: (0000-0027)

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